Cutest Dogs List

So often mentioned as human’s best friends, doggos always had a special place in my heart. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’–πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆ. I mean, I love all animals on this planet but there is something so adorable about dogs. Maybe it’s due to their endless loyalty and happiness every time they see their fellow human, like they haven’t seen eachother for months.πŸ’—

While waiting on my make-up order to arrive, I’ve decided to write this out-of-routine post. The list below is purely subjective but extremely lovable! πŸ•

  1. CORGI
Corgi – beautiful dog, number one cutie


Chihuahua chillin out


Pomeranian looking all cute and unreal


Australian Shepherd


Shiba Inu, this cute doggo owes some of his popularity to a recent meme


The magnificent Siberian husky

Even though these guys are absolutely adorable and I’m melting just setting up this list, THE BEST DOGS ARE THE ONES THAT NEED YOUR WARM HOME THE MOST. So instead of spending thousands on your new pet, take him or her from one of the shelters that are usually very crowded places! They mostly provide the basics, food and vaccination, at least in my country, and they are almost solely on a volounteer basis so big up for all such shelters, I really admire those people. Normally, a shelter should only be temporary in a dog’s life, but many of them spend years in shelters. 😞

I am leaving you with the photo of my little royal girl, 5 year old lady Pippa! πŸ’– ‘Till next post! πŸ€™

Pippa, my beloved fellow doggo, kind hearted Istrian shepherd + Husky mixture.πŸ’–

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