Biotherm Skin Oxygen Anti Pollution Lotion

Biotherm Skin Oxygen Lotion

  I wish a warm welcome to all of you guys who stumbled upon my page. This is my very first review on the page and I’ve chosen one of my all time face care products – this wonderful Biotherm lotion.

 My skin is a tricky one – combined, which means T-zone is always greasy and my cheeks and sides of my nose are dry and red. So I didn’t find many products that fit my type of skin.  But I can say this Biotherm lotion is deffo one of them 💖. 

 First of all I was attracted to the light feeling that this lotion left on my face. Very breezy, comfortable. Immediately my skin appeared to be softer… and in matter of minutes my skin looked more even, toned and matte. It matifies my skin so good that I sometimes use it on my clean face when I don’t wear any other make up products. It always makes my skin look fresh and not oily.

 Besides wearing it as an only beauty asset when I’m too lazy to put anything else ☺️ or on my gym mornings, I also use this product before my moisturizer in my usual make-up routine. I use it as a toner. In both roles, the lotion really does wonders for me. It is easy to use, not too expensive, long lasting and the effects are visible immediately even if you put a smaller amount of product. 





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